The IoT platform that connects all of your devices, systems, and protocols, streamlining logistics and production processes.


Ekko is an Industry 4.0 platform that runs on-site and in the cloud to allow protocol-agnostic connection between all devices in your facilities and the related systems and protocols.


By monitoring hardware like ePaper displays and RFID readers, Ekko can analyze device and sensor data in real-time, enabling AI applications like predictive maintenance or waste reduction.


Built as an open platform, Ekko enables developers to implement their own industrial solutions and hardware manufacturers to develop their own drivers.

Designed to be Future-Proof

Flexible Applications

Ekko offers a range of applications to fit every need. Pick from a series of standard applications that you can adapt for your specific configuration, or build a custom application on our open platform.

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Versatile Hardware

Our customizable drivers enable you to seamlessly implement one solution across all your devices and facilities, regardless of differences in regulations or equipment.

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Proven Success

Our partner projects in various manufacturing areas challenge Ekko to optimize the picking processes inside the factories, maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

The Problem

The process steps of order picking in the production department are a challenge for logistics and handling due to the ever more individual production and products. The time and quality of processes are crucial for the successful implementation of business models. Important time and quality indicators are determined by this process.

Up to now, the manual processes had to be digitized and made more efficient and cost-effective by using the Ekko platform. Furthermore, this process should be reproduced uniformly in all plants - even with different hardware requirements.

The Solution

For the realization of the processes we adjusted the Ekko platform to the requirements, developed drivers for the used devices and integrated them into the platform. In order to guarantee an integration of the platform into the existing infrastructure of our partner, we have implemented interfaces to the existing systems.

The Results

The picking processes could be digitized with Ekko in all plants:

  • The different constructions and hardware equipment due to different regulations of the plants and areas were implemented in the Ekko platform. This means that the project is ready for use in all areas and factories and can easily integrate future developments in the hardware sector. 
  • Time and cost savings and better quality work results by eliminating sources of error have made the process more effective and efficient. 
  • A further positive effect is a more ecological design of the process by avoiding paper waste and a more comfortable workflow for the workers.

Built by Experts

Ekko is a branch of Crosscan GmbH, a software and systems integration company founded 15 years ago with a focus on retail analytics and big data cloud platforms. Retailers in 49 countries around the world rely on Crosscan to process their critical data in realtime.

Crosscan is also a daughter company of Hueck Industry Holding. Hueck Industry Holding’s background in related analytics provides Ekko with a comprehensive understanding of cloud development and operation, embedded software development, big data analytics, and predictive computing based on neural networks.

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